Gisele Bundchen Gets Colorful in British Vogue

gisele bundchen vogue uk

Tom Brady is one lucky bastard. Not only is he a Super Bowl MVP winning quarterback, but he also gets the richest piece of ass in the modeling industry. Gisele Bundchen has been raking in the dough for years modeling in every magazine imaginable. Here she is one more time modeling and talking about her life in Vogue (UK).

On her husband, Tom Brady: “Oh, Tom. He’s such a gentle giant. I’m so proud of him. When I go to watch him play, I’m like this big cheerleader, jumping up and down for him. I was born such a passionate person. I don’t know if that’s my blessing or my curse!”

On having to work hard for her fabulous figure: “Like I tell my five sisters, who don’t work at it very hard at all, whatever you put in, you get out. I’m not afraid of working hard at anything, whatever it is.”

On taking care of herself: “People think if you look after yourself you’re being selfish, you know. But what Tom taught me – and he is a living example of this – is that in order to be your best, you have to honor your own needs first. If I honor my needs first, I will be the best wife, the best mom, the best sister, the best friend. I have to come first, because then everyone benefits.”

On her love of meat: “C’mon, I’m Brazilian! But I also love animals. So what I find really helpful – you might think I’m crazy – is that before I eat any meat I always take one second of silence to put my hands over it and bless it and be grateful at least that it was a life.”

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