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Gwen Garci in Confessions for FHM

boobs Olivia Garson

Filipina actress and model Gwen Garci showed off her voluptuous physique in a recent issue of FHM Philippines. It looks like Gwen is into some kinky sh*t as she brought out the S&M gear for the photoshoot.

gwen-garci-fhm-ph-001.jpg gwen-garci-fhm-ph-002.jpg gwen-garci-fhm-ph-003.jpg gwen-garci-fhm-ph-005.jpg gwen-garci-fhm-ph-006.jpg
 gwen-garci-fhm-ph-008.jpg gwen-garci-fhm-ph-009.jpg gwen-garci-fhm-ph-010.jpg gwen-garci-fhm-ph-011.jpg

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