Gwen Stefani in Elle (UK)

Gwen Stefani Elle UK 2011

Gwen Stefani must have an album coming out because she’s doing the publicity thing.  Here she is in the April issue of Elle (UK).  Gwen recently discussed her rocky marriage with her husband Gavin Rossdale in an interview with Elle. According to the NY Daily News, Gwen said the following about her marriage:

“I’ve been with Gavin for 14 years, and, let’s face it, that is a huge accomplishment,” she told Manson. “I feel so proud of that — it hasn’t been the easiest journey.” – read more

The marriage struggle could be more than just being married for 14 years.  How about the fact that her husband Gavin Rossdale supposedly has had gay flings?  Wouldn’t that cause a few problems in a marriage?

Gwen Stefani Elle Gwen Stefani in Elle UK Gwen Stefani posing Gwen Stefani sexy

Photo Credit: Elle

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