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Hilary Duff Texting & Walking on the Streets of NYC

Hilary Duff was all business while heading to the set of ‘Younger‘ in New York City.

hilary duff walking streets in nyc holding cellphone hilary duff Hilary Duff-texting-walking-nyc-010 Hilary Duff-texting-walking-nyc-009 Hilary Duff-texting-walking-nyc-008 Hilary Duff-texting-walking-nyc-007 Hilary Duff-texting-walking-nyc-006 Hilary Duff-texting-walking-nyc-005 Hilary Duff-texting-walking-nyc-004 Hilary Duff-texting-walking-nyc-003 Hilary Duff-texting-walking-nyc-002 Hilary Duff-texting-walking-nyc-001

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