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iCarly’s Jennette McCurdy Pregnant?

pregnant jennette-mccurdy

Did one of Jennette McCurdy’s iCarly co-stars knock her up? Nope. Sorry folks, no juicy Nickelodeon scandal here. It’s just her playing dress up for a television show. Ben and Kate I think it is?

jennette-mccurdy-pregnant-1.jpg jennette-mccurdy-pregnant-2.jpg jennette-mccurdy-3.jpg jennette-mccurdy-4.jpg jennette-mccurdy-5.jpg
jennette-mccurdy-6.jpg jennette-mccurdy-7.jpg jennette-mccurdy-8.jpg jennette-mccurdy-9.jpg jennette-mccurdy-10.jpg

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