Irina Shayk Cleavage and Cars Photoshoot

irina shayk boobs

Looks like Irina Shayk is going beyond modeling in the fashion world and is taking on the challenge of reviving the auto industry. Well, not really…but she did help to draw attention to a few automobiles recently. Including the one in these photos and at a recent event for Kia.

irina-shayk-Alessandro-Angelozzi-Couture-1.jpg irina-shayk-Alessandro-Angelozzi-Couture-2.jpg irina-shayk-Alessandro-Angelozzi-Couture-3.jpg irina-shayk-Alessandro-Angelozzi-Couture-4.jpg irina-shayk-Alessandro-Angelozzi-Couture-5.jpg
irina-shayk-Alessandro-Angelozzi-Couture-6.jpg irina-shayk-Alessandro-Angelozzi-Couture-7.jpg irina-shayk-Alessandro-Angelozzi-Couture-8.jpg irina-shayk-Alessandro-Angelozzi-Couture-9.jpg irina-shayk-Alessandro-Angelozzi-Couture-10.jpg

Irina Shayk – Istanbul Autoshow 2012

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