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Irina Shayk in GQ (Germany)

June 9th, 2012

irina shayk side boob in GQ

Irina Shayk can look good in any clothing you put her in. Of course, the less clothing the better. As was the case in her recent spread for GQ (Germany).

irina-shayk-GQ-Germany-1.jpg irina-shayk-GQ-Germany-2.jpg irina-shayk-GQ-Germany-3.jpg irina-shayk-GQ-Germany-4.jpg irina-shayk-GQ-Germany-5.jpg
irina-shayk-GQ-Germany-6.jpg irina-shayk-GQ-Germany-7.jpg irina-shayk-GQ-Germany-8.jpg irina-shayk-GQ-Germany-9.jpg irina-shayk-GQ-Germany-10.jpg

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