Is webcam chat safe?

Is webcam chat safe?

In this modern area where we live in, most of us now walk around with a little computer in our pockets, all equipped with a camera and a microphone easily available when we need to use them. It’s therefore no wonder that webcam chat has become the new way to communicate, after all it is better than phone calls or text messages; and it is as cheap if not cheaper! In fact one area that has hugely benefited from this technology is the area of dating, whether it is traditional dating or adult dating. But when it comes down to the real world, we often hear about those people who get their bits out in front of some online stranger, only to get blackmailed further down the line by some scammer living far across the planet. So we ask the question: is it all that safe, and what can we do to make it safer?

Rule#1: No social media hook-ups
Most of the scam stories we hear about tend to take place on Facebook and other online social media outlets. Basically you receive a friendship request from this sexy woman or this hunky dude, telling you that they like you and they want to be your friends. However those requests always come from fake profiles, and you can find that out very quickly by checking their profile. Most of those fake profiles have only been active for a short while, with little to no photos and very little posts on their walls. This is how you can tell a fake profile, but that’s not all. What you can do is to do a google image-search for their profile picture, and you will most likely discover that this is someone else’s photo, or simply stock images that are used across the web. Learn those tricks, as they will help you stay safe across the internet!

Rule#2: Sex dating hook-ups
The best places to find people who are genuinely into sex is by using sex dating sites. People go there because they want to have fun, so it’s not like they’re just contacting you out of the blue on a platform that is not appropriate. It is okay to talk sex on adult dating sites like so look for places like www.thesexchatsite.com/dirty-chat, which are purposely made for that. However we wouldn’t recommend that you take your clothes of in front of the first person you meet, even if it’s online. Sex dating sites will allow you to message people, so you can talk to people online a few times before you can get a sense that you can trust them. Basically we recommend that you take your time, don’t worry you will get there eventually!

Rule#3: Keep your privacy intact
Okay so you know how people have all sorts of objects, posters, photos and paperwork hanging around their computers? Well the reality is that all those items can be used to get your personal information. For example, some people leave their bank statements lying in the background and guess what? Webcams are now good enough for people to be able to make up the writings on those papers, so before you even know it the person you’re web-chatting to knows your bank details! It’s really quite simple: just move away anything that shows your private details, including those family pictures in the background. Online chat should provide us with some anonymity; bringing a layer of safety. Without that anonymity, we leave ourselves open and vulnerable to potential scammers; that is the sad truth about society.

Rule#4: All good things come to those who wait.
This is even more crucial when it comes down to sex. When you’re feeling horny, you’re not exactly the best judge of any situation; probably due to the lack of blood flow in your brain, with your blood being redirected further down in your more intimate parts. It is therefore easy to have a lapse in judgement, and we won’t blame you; we are all human after all! But to be quite clear: you should really try to stay as level headed as you can, as this is the only way you will spot a scammer. Basically anything that is too good to be true only leads to trouble. And besides, most people online won’t just take their kit of in front of you straight away, the more sensible people will also wait until they know they can trust you. So the bottom line is: if you keep it together and you’re mindful of others, then you will be able to have that naughty online chat you so desire!

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