It’s Always Funny Faces for Maria Menounos in Philadelphia

maria menounos philly

You guys like how I threw in a It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia reference because Maria Menounos is at an event in Philly? I know, I know it’s corny as hell. It’s almost as corny as the show. But that’s why I love the show…and myself. Oh yeah, and I Always love Maria Menounos…even when she makes those strange facial expressions.

maria-menounos-philly-zoo-1.jpg maria-menounos-philly-zoo-2.jpg maria-menounos-philly-zoo-3.jpg maria-menounos-philly-zoo-4.jpg maria-menounos-philly-zoo-5.jpg
maria-menounos-philly-zoo-6.jpg maria-menounos-philly-zoo-7.jpg maria-menounos-philly-zoo-8.jpg maria-menounos-philly-zoo-9.jpg maria-menounos-philly-zoo-10.jpg

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Kitten Mittens

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