Jennifer Garner Wants No Part in a Wet T-Shirt Contest

I can’t remember the last time I did a post about Jennifer Garner?  It turns out I’ve only done one post ever and it was when she gave us a free panty look.  What the hell is she doing these days anyways?  Well, it turns out she’s shooting a new comedy called “Butter” with a cast including actors such as: Hugh Jackman, Ashley Greene, Olivia Wilde and many more.  Jennifer Aniston talks about her role in the movie in a recent MTV article:

Jennifer describes her character, Laura Pickler, as living her life “for being Mrs. Bob Pickler.” He is the best butter carver in Iowa, and that was part of the reason why she married him. It is when he decides to give up butter carving for being a judge that her life gets turned upside down, and we know based on the plot summary that she ends up becoming a butter carver herself. – read more

Jennifer Garner black see through shirt Jennifer Garner tight c thru shirt Jennifer Garner black see thru shirt Jennifer Garner tight black shirt Jennifer Garner black shirt not wet Jennifer Garner singing in the rain

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