Jennifer Love Hewitt Wore Space Gear, Yes Space Gear

spandex butt jennifer-love-hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt played dress up for a few scenes on the her show The Client List. I’m not sure what’s with the space suit? Maybe her clients are into some kind of kinky sci-fi thing? I’d have to watch the show to find out, but that’s not gonna happen.

jennifer-love-hewitt-space-1.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-space-2.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-space-3.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-space-4.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-space-5.jpg
jennifer-love-hewitt-space-6.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-space-7.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-space-8.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-space-9.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-space-10.jpg
jennifer-love-hewitt-space-11.jpgjennifer-love-hewitt-space-12.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-space-13.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-space-14.jpg jennifer-love-hewitt-space-15.jpg

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