Jessica Alba Escapes From Planet Earth

earth jessica-alba

Here is Jessica Alba at the premiere in Los Angeles for her new movie Escape from Planet Earth. It’s one of those animated movies so you don’t get to see her in the movie, but you do get to hear her play the voice of Lena Thackleman.

jessica-alba-escape-planet-earth-001.jpg jessica-alba-escape-planet-earth-002.jpg jessica-alba-escape-planet-earth-003.jpg jessica-alba-escape-planet-earth-004.jpg jessica-alba-escape-planet-earth-005.jpg
 jessica-alba-escape-planet-earth-007.jpg jessica-alba-escape-planet-earth-008.jpg jessica-alba-escape-planet-earth-009.jpg jessica-alba-escape-planet-earth-010.jpg

Video – Escape From Planet Earth TRAILER

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