Jessica Biel Has Yahoo Style

When your sister is Jessica Biel—Hollywood star and fashion plate (the word “icon” has been tossed her way more than a few times)—it would be almost criminal not to seek some familial advice when launching an accessories line. Justin Biel, 29, the actress’s blond and equally striking younger sibling (he’s like Ryan Gosling meets…well, Jessica Biel), had the wherewithal to tell his sister very early on about his and best friend Grason Ratowsky’s concept for an eco-conscious, socially responsible collection of bags made out of burlap coffee sacks. “I thought it was an amazing idea and I trust them and believe in them,” says Jessica, who swiftly offered up both her “creative influence”—bigger pockets, longer straps, more elegant hardware—and invested enough cash for a small production run of about 200 bags. These became the basis for BARE, the trio’s Denver-based company, launched in 2013. – Read more


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