Jessica Simpson Lost 20 pounds?

Jessica Simpson's fat breasts

If Jessica Simpson lost 20 pounds it’s not apparent in these photos.  According to a recent article by Gather:

…Simpson lost 20 pounds in just under two months, by working out six days a week for 75 minutes each day.

Jessica Simpson has sported a fuller figure for a while, and even with the 20-pound weight loss she’s not rail thin. She does look trimmer and very fit, which is exactly what she was aiming for. With a plan to get married to fiance Eric Johnson before the end of 2011, she will likely be even thinner when she says “I do.” – read more

If Jessica Simpson really wants to lose the weight she should join the cast of Celebrity Fit Club. They should call up Jennifer Love Hewitt too.  I know Jessica Simpson has already done the reality thing, but the way her career is going she’ll probably be headed back to the reality circuit soon or later.  Who wouldn’t want to watch a former drill instructor yelling in Jessica Simpson’s face?

Jessica Simpson's fat tits Jessica Simpson's fat boobs

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