Joey King in Bello

@joeyking x @artgphoto ?????????? If careers are like rocket ships, then Joey King's is in full blast-off mode. Approaching her 18th birthday this July, Joey has an incredible acting career under her belt already, and no less than three huge films coming out soon. In NETFLIX's teen comedy, The Kissing Both, Joey co-stars alongside Molly Ringwald, and in Summer '03 she stars as a young woman whose grandmother leaves behind a mysterious array of secrets after she dies. Joey also stars in the highly anticipated horror film, Slender Man. For her BELLO feature, we had the chance to talk to Joey about her incredible career in Hollywood, her biggest inspirations, and finding love on set. ?????????? New issue available on bellomag.com digital + print. ?????????? Styling @ririrabbit Hair @hairbyaviva Makeup @tobyfleischman Art Direction @alekandsteph Set Design @official_lukatonic Interview @feelguide Special thanx @maisonpriveepr_la @kate_rosen @42west

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