Julianne Hough Shows Off Her Flexible Summer Body

julianne hough flexible summer body in glamour

I’m not too interested in Julianne Hough’s 10 tips to a better summer body because I’m already ripped (just kidding). It’s honestly because I don’t care and I’m probably about normal weight for my size. I would suggest that all the ladies out there read through her article in Glamour, however. I’d like all the women to look like Julianne when I hit the beach this summer. Do I sound too chauvinistic? Suck it, bitches!

Julianne Hough nice butt from behind In a tiny bikini Julianne Hough jumps for joy Julianne Hough lifts her legs showing crotch glimpse Laying on the ground Julianne Hough looks beautiful

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