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Just Some Random Minka Kelly Hotness

Minka Kelly booty

Here are some random photos of Minka Kelly out and about in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Just because she’s hot.  Even with all that baggy clothing she’s wearing.

minka-kelly-brunch-la-1.jpg minka-kelly-brunch-la-2.jpg minka-kelly-brunch-la-3.jpg minka-kelly-brunch-la-4.jpg minka-kelly-brunch-la-5.jpg
minka-kelly-office-building-b-hills-1.jpg minka-kelly-office-building-b-hills-2.jpg minka-kelly-office-building-b-hills-3.jpg minka-kelly-office-building-b-hills-4.jpg minka-kelly-office-building-b-hills-5.jpg

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