Kate Beckinsale’s Healthy Glamour

kate beckinsale perfect

Last week I posted photos of Kate Beckinsale crapping her pants. I thought I’d make up for those horrible images and thoughts of Kate with the taco shits and post these more glamourous photos of one of the most beautiful women in the world. She deserves better than a sh*t post.

kate-beckinsale-glamour-1.jpg kate-beckinsale-glamour-2.jpg kate-beckinsale-glamour-3.jpg kate-beckinsale-glamour-4.jpg kate-beckinsale-glamour-5.jpg
kate-beckinsale-glamour-6.jpg kate-beckinsale-womens-health-1.jpg kate-beckinsale-womens-health-2.jpg kate-beckinsale-womens-health-3.jpg


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