Katie Salmon Bikini Photos in Ibiza

So I've received a lot of opinions and critics for being in the press topless I don't normally respond to negative comments well I try my best but I'd just like to clear something up. I am a woman I have boobs ass and curves (natural btw too for those haters saying my body is plastic) not that plastic isn't fabulous ????I am on holiday doing exactly what I do which Is sunbathe topless it's pretty the norm in Ibiza. I shouldn't not have respect because off how I choose to dress or what I post. I should have respect because I respect all humans through any form of life. But that's the difference between me and them. Do not judge because I love my body and am not ashamed to show it it's not about attention or money, This is my personality am being me, my close circle will confirm that. If you have a problem with that then you really need to look further into yourself and find out why your so bothered by empowered women. Here's to all the women/ people out there that be them even when the world puts critics on them and hates people who are confident because they wish they was, kinda sad as I wish everybody was as happy in their skin as I am. Be confident be fun be you- a slogan by @missswimsuituk speaks all. Hope I've cleared that up ??????

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