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Katrina Bowden in Her Underwear for Maxim

katrina-bowden underwear lace

Katrina Bowden is probably best known for playing the ditzy blonde assistant Cerie on the television show 30 Rock. But because the 30 Rock series will be ending soon, Katrina is starting to look for work in other places. She decided to go back to a former employer and did another spread for Maxim. Here she is looking sexy and talking about her experience doing the show for 7 years.

katrina-bowden-maxim-1.jpg katrina-bowden-maxim-2.jpg katrina-bowden-maxim-3.jpg katrina-bowden-maxim-4.jpg katrina-bowden-maxim-5.jpg
katrina-bowden-maxim-6.jpg katrina-bowden-maxim-7.jpg katrina-bowden-maxim-8.jpg katrina-bowden-maxim-9.jpg katrina-bowden-maxim-10.jpg

Video – Katrina Bowden is Rock Hard in First Maxim Shoot

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