Katy Perry Fueds With Britney Spears

Katy Perry in Her Robe

So supposedly there are rumors that Katy Perry and Britney Spears are feuding.  Why? Because Britney Spears is a blatant product promotion whore and Katy Perry wishes that Britney was just a little more discreet.  However, Katy Perry is now trying to put the rumors to rest because she feels the media “filth” are twisting her words from Twtter.  According to MTV Katy released a new statement saying:

“Dear tabloid media aka FILTH: pls note I expressed an overall feeling bout product placement, their roles in vids & the art of them being…complimenting or sticking out. Most, if not ALL popsters welcome deals w/products 2 offset costs of big budget vids in these recessional…music industry times. I’VE used them in MY vids before & am happy 2b able 2 make a better vid because of. Once AGAIN, stop pitting artists..against artist for ur sensational satisfaction & stick to what ur best @: lying, gossiping, exaggerating & overall lending a hand 2 the……deterioration of a generation.” – read more

Katy shouldn’t criticize because in a few years when her fame fizzles like Britney’s she’ll be doing the exact same thing.  Britney’s gotta make a living too.  Especially now considering that Katy has stolen her fan base.

Katy Perry doesn't disrobe Katy Perry robe in Paris Katy Perry robe and boots Katy Perry coming out of dressing room

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