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Katy Perry Gets Waxed

February 4th, 2013

waxed katy-perry

Oh…you guys thought I was talking about the other kind of waxing. Sorry folks, it’s just Katy Perry showing off her wax figure for Madame Tussauds’ Las Vegas in Hollywood. Not the Brazilian waxing that many of you were hoping for.

katy-perry-wax-001.jpg katy-perry-wax-002.jpg katy-perry-wax-003.jpg katy-perry-wax-004.jpg katy-perry-wax-005.jpg
 katy-perry-wax-010.jpg katy-perry-wax-011.jpg katy-perry-wax-012.jpg katy-perry-wax-013.jpg
katy-perry-wax-015.jpg katy-perry-wax-016.jpg katy-perry-wax-017.jpg katy-perry-wax-018.jpg katy-perry-wax-019.jpg

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