Katy Perry Has Lots of Sex

Katy Perry Has Lots of Sex

So now there’s another reason to hate Russell Brand.  Not only is he a hairy, stinky, not so funny comedian. He also gets to bang Katy Perry all the time.  According to Mirror News Katy Perry has sex and lots of it:

“We’re not like the stereotypical joke of a married couple. I’m married to Russell Brand – I don’t just have sex once a week!” – read more

Katy Perry tits Katy Perry boobs Katy Perry cleavage Katy Perry boobies Katy Perry breasts Katy Perry chest

Photo Credit: Splash News


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6 Responses

  1. nastydan says:

    Who knew Katy Perry was such a sex addict? With all the sex they’re having they’ve gotta be making some sex tapes.

  2. alexsmith says:

    When will she finally show those beautiful boobs?

  3. obamanation says:

    katie perry is a jesus freak

  4. Booblover says:

    Best tits in the universe

  5. wanksta says:


  6. Ron says:

    If Katy was Veronica, Betty would loose Archie

    I would like to park in her “Lodge”

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