Katy Perry Shows Her Patriotism

Who knew Katy Perry was so patriotic?  Except which country is she patriotic for…U.S.A. or England?  Actually, I’m pretty sure she could give two shits about patriotism.  I’m guessing this multinational flag wardrobe is nothing more than a silly fashion statement for her love of Russell Brand. Then again it could be a statement about the U.S. vs. England World Cup match-up, but I’m sure she could care less about soccer too.  We’ve seen her wearing t-shirts and other idiotic clothing before to express her love for a boyfriend and I’m sure this time is no different. To express my patriotism with Katy Perry I wanna say to my national and international vistors:  “God Bless America” or should I say “God Save the Queen”?

Katy Perry flag dress cleavage Katy Perry flag dress ass Katy Perry flag butt
Katy Perry USA UK dress Katy Perry patriot cleavage Katy Perry USA cleavage Katy Perry God Bless America Cleavage

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