Ke$ha is Sexy in the New Maxim?

Ke$ha Bra and Panties in Lingerie

I was almost fooled by these sexy Ke$ha Maxim photos?  But then I remembered what she really looks like…and it ain’t sexy.  If I’ve offended you and you’re a Kesha fan, maybe you’ll support her by buying her new condoms.  That’s right she has her own condoms (for her penis):

US pop star Ke$ha is set to release her own customised range of condoms, and will apparently have her face imprinted on 10,000 of them. – read more

They’ll be collector’s items someday so get them before they run out.

Ke$ha underwear in Maxim Ke$ha lingerie in Maxim Ke$ha see-through to bra Ke$ha spread legs Ke$ha looking for sex on bed

Photo Credit: Maxim

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