Kellie Pickler’s Military Underwear Salute

kellie pickler underwear

There’s no better way to show your appreciation for the military then by posing in your underwear. At least that’s the case for Kellie Pickler. Who is this Kellie Pickler chick anyway? Oh yeah, that’s right, she appeared in that dying American Idol show like a decade ago, didn’t she? I guess she also went gold on an album, selling more than 800,000 copies. But apparently gold wasn’t enough and she has since decided to show her patriotism too…and because the Olympics doesn’t have an event for singers, what better way to show patriotism than by posing in your underwear for the military. She deserves a gold medal for this event.

kellie-pickler-maxim-1.jpg kellie-pickler-maxim-2.jpg kellie-pickler-maxim-3.jpg kellie-pickler-maxim-4.jpg kellie-pickler-maxim-5.jpg
kellie-pickler-maxim-6.jpg kellie-pickler-maxim-7.jpg kellie-pickler-maxim-8.jpg kellie-pickler-maxim-9.jpg


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