47 Photos of Kendall Jenner for PacSun

butt kendall-jenner

I normally try to avoid posting anything involving the Kardashians or their family, unless it’s a slow day or the photos are too good not to post. This has a little bit of both. It’s a slow day and these Kendall Jenner photos are decent. So there you have it. It’s Kendall Jenner in tightly fitting shorts for PacSun.

kendall-jenner-pacsun-001.jpg kendall-jenner-pacsun-002.jpg kendall-jenner-pacsun-003.jpg kendall-jenner-pacsun-004.jpg kendall-jenner-pacsun-005.jpg
kendall-jenner-pacsun-007.jpg kendall-jenner-pacsun-008.jpg kendall-jenner-pacsun-009.jpg kendall-jenner-pacsun-010.jpg kendall-jenner-pacsun-013.jpg
kendall-jenner-pacsun-014.jpg kendall-jenner-pacsun-015.jpg kendall-jenner-pacsun-016.jpg kendall-jenner-pacsun-026.jpg kendall-jenner-pacsun-027.jpg

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