Kim Kardashian Is Bing’s Most Searched Person of 2012


If there is any reason to believe that the Mayan’s prediction of the end of the world in 2012 is true, this is it. Kim Kardashian is Bing’s Most Searched Person of 2012. I know Bing is not Google, but I seriously don’t even understand how it happened on Bing? According to USA Today:

Reality TV star/clothing designer/Kanye West girlfriend/see-through-skirt-wearing Kim Kardashian takes the No.1 spot on Bing’s just-released Top Searches of 2012 report.

(Think she’ll be No. 1 on Google, too?)

Kimmy knocked Justin Bieber out of first place. He, however, still reigned as the most-searched musician, with Whitney Houston following a close second. – See the full list

Start stocking up on bottled water, canned goods, flashlights and batteries because the Mayans prediction may come true. Do you think they saw Kim K’s ass in their vision?

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