Lacey Chabert Dazzles In Bridget Marie Magazine

Lacey Chabert - Bridget Marie Magazine

There’s no question that Lacey Chabert is truly stunning in her latest photo shoot for Bridget Marie Magazine. The photos catch Chabert in devastating form in a variety of sexy, fun poses and beautiful outfits.

Lacey Chabert doesn’t have to try very hard to look gorgeous. The Mean Girls star shows off her dazzling smile, distinct cleavage, and beautiful eyes in her recent Bridget Marie Magazine photo set. The actress proves that you don’t need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to look great. The photos do a wonderful job of emphasizing the southern belle roots of Chabert. Anyone who is a fan of Lacey Chabert knows the actress hails from Purvis, Mississippi. The set in Bridget Marie Magazine shows the Party of Five and The Wild Thornberrys voice actress (Chabert continues to provide her range of voices for a considerable assortment of projects) in a variety of southern-themed backdrops. The natural light in some of the pictures proves that at 31, Chabert is as beautiful as ever. From flowing dresses to tank tops and jeans with tears in the knees, Chabert looks at ease and ravishing in every single photo.

Although Lacey Chabert does a remarkable job of looking completely relaxed and comfortable in her Bridget Marie Magazine photo shoot, the reality is that Chabert is working harder than ever. She has four film projects slated for release in 2014. Last year, Chabert provided the voice of Zatanna for two projects, doing a good enough job that fans hope she’ll reprise the voice role again at some point in the future.

For everything she is known for or worked on, Lacey Chabert remains particularly popular in the hearts of fans of Mean Girls (which Bridget Marie Magazine references in the pictorial). Chabert recently discussed her experiences in making the movie for the film’s tenth anniversary, alongside Rachel McAdams, Tina Fey, and Lizzy Caplan. Although the odds of a sequel to the film are pretty slim at this point, there has been talk of the movie being made into a musical. Regardless, Chabert loves how enduring the film is with so many different people.

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