Leila Lopes Bikini Photos in Maxim (Portugal)

leila lopes bikini

If you don’t know who Leila Lopes is, you should. She’s only the Miss Universe of 2011. For one whole year she ruled the universe and had control of our solar system. President Obama was taking orders from her. I think she’s the one who told him to pass his healthcare law.

Oh wait, someone just informed me that Miss Universe’s don’t have that much power.

beauty pageant Leila Lopes looks hot in Maxim a side view of Leila Lopes in a bikini Leila Lopes has a nice round butt a great set of boobs on Leila Lopes
Leila Lopes slightly covered in Maxim shoot Leila Lopes at the beach in her bikini Leila Lopes has great skin and cleavage Leila Lopes in her bra and panties
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