Lily Donaldson Bikini Photos in Vogue

lily donaldson bikini vogue

This a first post on GCeleb for British model Lily Donaldson. She’s a pretty well known model so it’s surprising that we haven’t seen her photos before. She’s modeled for Dior, Burberry, and Dolce & Gabbana and more. Here she is showing off her talent modeling a bikini for Vogue.

lily-donaldson-vogue-spain-1.jpg lily-donaldson-vogue-spain-2.jpg lily-donaldson-vogue-spain-3.jpg lily-donaldson-vogue-spain-4.jpg lily-donaldson-vogue-spain-5.jpg
lily-donaldson-vogue-spain-6.jpg lily-donaldson-vogue-spain-7.jpg lily-donaldson-vogue-spain-8.jpg lily-donaldson-vogue-spain-9.jpg lily-donaldson-vogue-spain-10.jpg

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