Mandy Moore Goes to Yard Sales

mandy moore yard sale

By the looks of the leather jacket Mandy Moore is wearing, you wouldn’t think she’d have to shop at yard sales. But that’s exactly what she’s doing here at one in Los Angeles. Maybe she’s been watching too many of those Pawn Stars type shows and she thinks she’s going to find a hidden treasure? Who knows? Well, at least she isn’t pulling a Winona Ryder and ripping off her goods. Or at least that we know of…she hasn’t been caught yet by the police and had her mug shot posted all over the internet.

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Mandy Moore’s Recent Instagram Posts:

“Equal parts obsessed with the ingenious case and the sunglasses, @westwardleaning. Thank you!!”

“Throwing it back to that time Captain Don (aka my dad) started to teach me to fly. Getting my Pilot’s license is still a goal. #mydadsagreatinstructor #needtogetbackupthere #TBT”

“Someone’s looking reeeeaaaaal tough. #nbd #boxing”

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