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Maria Menounos Gets Manhandled in New Orleans

abused maria-menounos

Maria Menounos got a little physical at the Directv Celebrity Beach Bowl in New Orleans. It seems like Maria was unstoppable as the opposing team sent every member of their team to tackle her. Michael Strahan made it his ASSignment to stop Maria Menounos from scoring at any chance he got. I’m guessing Maria probably won the MVP award (Most Valuable….).

directv-maria-menounos-046.jpg directv-maria-menounos-047.jpg directv-maria-menounos-048.jpg directv-maria-menounos-049.jpg directv-maria-menounos-050.jpg
directv-maria-menounos-051.jpg directv-maria-menounos-052.jpg directv-maria-menounos-053.jpg directv-maria-menounos-054.jpg directv-maria-menounos-055.jpg
directv-maria-menounos-056.jpg directv-maria-menounos-057.jpg directv-maria-menounos-058.jpg directv-maria-menounos-059.jpg directv-maria-menounos-060.jpg
 directv-maria-menounos-062.jpg directv-maria-menounos-063.jpg directv-maria-menounos-064.jpg directv-maria-menounos-065.jpg

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