Maria Menounos in a Lime Green Bikini

maria menounos lime green bikini

It seems like Maria Menounos has worn a bikini everyday for the last 6 months. She chose to wear a lime green color this time. I can’t wait for the color she chooses for tomorrow’s bikini.

maria-menounos-bikini-green-1.jpg maria-menounos-bikini-green-2.jpg maria-menounos-bikini-green-3.jpg maria-menounos-bikini-green-4.jpg maria-menounos-bikini-green-5.jpg
maria-menounos-bikini-green-6.jpg maria-menounos-bikini-green-7.jpg maria-menounos-bikini-green-8.jpg maria-menounos-bikini-green-9.jpg maria-menounos-bikini-green-10.jpg

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