Megan Fox Can’t Hide Her Side Cleavage

megan fox side cleavage

Either Megan Fox is a vampire, she has the same skin disease as Michael Jackson did or she has her “Trophy Husband” whipped into protecting her from paparazzi photos? I’m saying she has a little bit of all three, but I’m sure the answer is probably the last one. However, her husband isn’t doing a very good job at stopping the paparazzi from getting photos from the side. That silly umbrella of his can’t cover her whole body. Maybe he should have put her in a bubble.

megan-fox-cleavage-fred-segal-1.jpg megan-fox-cleavage-fred-segal-2.jpg megan-fox-cleavage-fred-segal-3.jpg megan-fox-cleavage-fred-segal-4.jpg megan-fox-cleavage-fred-segal-5.jpg

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