Mila Kunis – Jumping Spandex Girl

mila kunis spandex

Maybe Mila Kunis is jumping for joy? Now that the dirty rotten hacker who provided the internet with those nude photos of Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis and Christina Aguilera has pleaded guilty. According to Chron.com:

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A Florida man has agreed to plead guilty to hacking into the email accounts of celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Mila Kunis and Scarlett Johansson, whose nude photos eventually landed on the Internet, according to court documents filed Thursday.

Christopher Chaney, 35, of Jacksonville, Fla., will plead guilty Monday in Los Angeles federal court to nine felony counts, including unauthorized access to a computer and wiretapping, the documents say. He faces up to 60 years in prison. – read more

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