Miley Cyrus a ‘Natural Born Thriller’ for Marie Claire

miley cyrus marie claire

Here are a few photos of Miley Cyrus in Marie Claire before she went all Britney Spears on us and cut off all her hair. So far Miley has been following Britney’s stages of life to a tee, so I’ll make a prediction that a baby is in the works soon. Britney was in her early 20’s when she had her first child. Miley is not too far off. I bet she’ll pop one out soon.

miley cyrus a natural born thriller miley cyrus hot in marie claire before miley cyrus cut her hair she was hot miley cyrus grabbing her boob
miley cyrus with her legs spread miley cyrus exposing her wrist tattoo miley cyrus marie claire hotness a sexy miley cyrus up against wall
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