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Miley Cyrus Almost Showed Her Boobs for Cosmo

topless miley-cyrus covered

Miley Cyrus kind of grosses me out these days, but sometimes she makes up for her grossness by doing some half-way decent photoshoots. Like this one for Cosmo where she goes braless and almost exposes her boobies. It’s amazing what showing a little skin can do.

miley-cyrus-cosmo-001.jpg miley-cyrus-cosmo-002.jpg miley-cyrus-cosmo-003.jpg miley-cyrus-cosmo-004.jpg miley-cyrus-cosmo-005.jpg
 miley-cyrus-cosmo-007.jpg miley-cyrus-cosmo-008.jpg miley-cyrus-cosmo-009.jpg miley-cyrus-cosmo-010.jpg
miley-cyrus-cosmo-012.jpg miley-cyrus-cosmo-013.jpg miley-cyrus-cosmo-014.jpg miley-cyrus-cosmo-015.jpg

Video – Miley Cyrus COSMOPOLITAN Issue March 2013

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