Miley Cyrus Busts Out the Cleavage

miley cyrus busty cleavage

No rumors have been circulating that Miley Cyrus got implants or anything, but her busty cleavage looks much bigger than normal in these photos. I guess the push-up bra is doing it’s job.

miley-cyrus-cleavage-bust-1.jpg miley-cyrus-cleavage-bust-2.jpg miley-cyrus-cleavage-bust-3.jpg miley-cyrus-cleavage-bust-4.jpg miley-cyrus-cleavage-bust-5.jpg
miley-cyrus-cleavage-bust-6.jpg miley-cyrus-cleavage-bust-7.jpg miley-cyrus-cleavage-bust-8.jpg miley-cyrus-cleavage-bust-9.jpg miley-cyrus-cleavage-bust-10.jpg

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