Miley Cyrus Seen at a Weed Dispensary Again

miley-cyrus marijuana

Here is Miley Cyrus leaving a marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles. The last time Miley was seen engaged in marijuana activities it was shocking to everyone. But I think by now any shock factor with Miley Cyrus is gone. And that’s not a good thing for her career. The only thing left is a sex tape, which even that probably wouldn’t shock anyone.

miley-cyrus-pot-dispensary-your-tree-1.jpg miley-cyrus-pot-dispensary-your-tree-2.jpg miley-cyrus-pot-dispensary-your-tree-3.jpg miley-cyrus-pot-dispensary-your-tree-4.jpg miley-cyrus-pot-dispensary-your-tree-5.jpg

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