Miley Cyrus Was at the Beach in Costa Rica

beach costa rica miley-cyrus

Here are a few photos of Miley Cyrus on her vacation in Costa Rica. As you can tell from that large tag on the photos they are provided by the nice folks over at E!. I suggest you visit their site to show your appreciation. You might even find something else you like?

miley-cyrus-beach-costa-rica-001.jpg miley-cyrus-beach-costa-rica-002.jpg miley-cyrus-beach-costa-rica-003.jpg miley-cyrus-beach-costa-rica-004.jpg miley-cyrus-beach-costa-rica-005.jpg
miley-cyrus-beach-costa-rica-006.jpg miley-cyrus-beach-costa-rica-007.jpg miley-cyrus-beach-costa-rica-008.jpg miley-cyrus-beach-costa-rica-009.jpg miley-cyrus-beach-costa-rica-010.jpg
miley-cyrus-beach-costa-rica-015.jpg miley-cyrus-beach-costa-rica-016.jpg miley-cyrus-beach-costa-rica-017.jpg miley-cyrus-bikini-costa-rica-1.jpg miley-cyrus-bikini-costa-rica-2.jpg

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