Miranda Kerr Topless on a Swing

miranda kerr topless

I just did a Google search for Miranda Kerr and saw the headline “Miranda Kerr’s juicy hair tips“. I was disappointed when I clicked the link and realized that I had misread the title. If you’re a man (like me), you might have an idea how I misread this title. If you’re a woman, then you may actually enjoy the article. So either read the article below or just enjoy the photos.

She has the world’s greatest hairdressers at her disposal, but model Miranda Kerr has revealed that she relies on a DIY treatment to keep her hair looking good.

Kerr told Elle France that she uses olive oil and lemon juice on her hair weekly boost shine.

“Minimum once a week, I mix both and I leave the mixture on as long as possible. This is a homemade recipe that my mum taught me and I still haven’t found a better one to repair my hair after the shows.”

The Victoria’s Secret model said her mother and grandmother are her best sources of health and beauty advice. – read more

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