MTV Cougars Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra

jenny mccarthy and carmen electra mtv superbowl

Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra were the hottest babes on MTV over a decade ago. Now they’re the hottest cougars at the Super Bowl (or at least at this event). I wonder who would win in a breast implant contest?

jenny-mccarthy-carmen-electra-super-bowl-1.jpg jenny-mccarthy-carmen-electra-super-bowl-2.jpg jenny-mccarthy-carmen-electra-super-bowl-3.jpg jenny-mccarthy-carmen-electra-super-bowl-4.jpg jenny-mccarthy-carmen-electra-super-bowl-5.jpg


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2 Responses

  1. YourMother says:

    Just one Chris Hardwick short of a Singled Out reunion ;)

  2. YourFather says:

    Let’s get Pauly Shore in there too

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