My Eyes Aren’t Shut for Jessica Biel in Elle

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In a few of these photos it looks like Jessica Biel had just participated in one of those Eyes Wide Shut odysseys. If you don’t get the Eyes Wide Shut reference I suggest you watch the movie from 1999. You’ll probably enjoy seeing some of the scenes with Nicole Kidman. Maybe they can get Jessica Biel to do a remake of the movie someday.

jessica-biel-elle-jan-2013-008.jpg jessica-biel-elle-jan-2013-010.jpg jessica-biel-elle-jan-2013-011.jpg jessica-biel-elle-jan-2013-012.jpg jessica-biel-elle-jan-2013-013.jpg
 jessica-biel-elle-jan-2013-015.jpg jessica-biel-elle-jan-2013-016.jpg jessica-biel-elle-jan-2013-017.jpg jessica-biel-elle-jan-2013-018.jpg
 jessica-biel-elle-jan-2013-020.jpg jessica-biel-elle-jan-2013-021.jpg jessica-biel-elle-jan-2013-022.jpg jessica-biel-elle-jan-2013-023.jpg

Video – Eyes Wide Shut Trailer

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