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Nathalie Edenburg in Sexy Swimwear

bikini top nathalie-edenburg

At first glance you might not guess that Nathalie Edenburg is Brazilian. But you should know by now that over 90% (made up number) of the models being pumped into the market are from Brazil. So even if they don’t look like their from Brazil, they probably are. Or at least have a cousin that is.

nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-1.jpg nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-2.jpg nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-3.jpg nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-4.jpg nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-5.jpg
nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-6.jpg nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-7.jpg nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-8.jpg nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-9.jpg nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-10.jpg
nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-11.jpgnathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-12.jpg nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-13.jpg nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-14.jpg nathalie-edenburg-despi-Swimwear-15.jpg

Video – Yogini Winter Touch 2012: Nathalie Edenburg

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