Nicki Minaj is Joining the Britney Spears Tour

I don’t know much about Nicki Minaj or her music. I do know that she has a gigantic booty. I also know that if she wants to keep her career going it’s probably not a good career move to join the Britney Spears tour. But that’s exactly what she’s doing. According to TMZ:

“…the deal was signed several days ago, and Britney is elated. Everyone involved in the concert is relieved Enrique Iglesias’ ego couldn’t handle opening for Britney and feel Nicki will be infinitely better.” – read more

Enrique was smart enough to pull out (that’s what she said), lets’ see how long Nicki stays on board and how much this will actually help her career.

Nicki Minaj Butt Implants Exposed:

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