Nina Adgal Plays Bikini Volleyball

bikini nina-agdal

Here is Nina Adgal at a volleyball event in Miami. It looks like some kind of promotional fitness event which Nina is perfect for. I’m not so sure about the volleyball. It would have been nice to actually have seen her in action, but she probably didn’t want to get sand all over herself.

nina-agdal-beach-v-ball-miami-001.jpg nina-agdal-beach-v-ball-miami-002.jpg nina-agdal-beach-v-ball-miami-003.jpg nina-agdal-beach-v-ball-miami-004.jpg nina-agdal-beach-v-ball-miami-005.jpg
 nina-agdal-beach-v-ball-miami-010.jpg nina-agdal-beach-v-ball-miami-014.jpg nina-agdal-beach-v-ball-miami-015.jpg nina-agdal-beach-v-ball-miami-016.jpg

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