Nina Dobrev Talks About Getting Dirty

Nina Dobrev Gets In Touch

Nina Dobrev might look cute and sexy in these photos for In Touch (Germany), but don’t be mistaken she gets dirty when transforming herself for her role in The Vampire Diaries.  Nina talks about her role in the TV series with Zap2it:

“Katherine-slash-I have been dirty and dusty for a very long time,” she laughs. “The weird thing is having to put dirt in your hair and tease your hair and make it look dirty after you’ve just washed it, for all those scenes.”

“The only part that bugs me is when I wash my hair and then I have to put dirt in it. That’s the only thing. I just washed it! I’m a girl!” she laughs. “Otherwise, I like to get down and dirty and really messy.”- read more

Nina Dobrev legs and skates Nina Dobrev short shorts Nina Dobrev tight jeans Nina Dobrev red pants and chucks Nina Dobrev smooth legs Nina Dobrev slightly see through

Photo Credit: In Touch

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