Nina Dobrev Isn’t “Heartbroken”, Proves It by Going Braless

by – By Robin Lempel, HollywoodTake
Are Austin Stowell and Emma Stone dating? Rumors are swirling that Nina Dobrev is “heartbroken” because Stowell has moved on with his Battle of the Sexes co-star. But is the speculation true?

A new report claims that Stone, 27, and Stowell, 31, are a couple. Dobrev, 27, is so upset, according to the report, that she’s considering going back to work on The Vampire Diaries again.

The problem? This report is just completely false. Dobrev isn’t “heartbroken” over Stowell and Stone’s relationship. Why? According to Gossip Cop, there’s no relationship for Dobrev to be “heartbroken” about. Rumors said that Stone and Stowell were constantly joking around and flirting on the set of Battle of The Sexes. But Gossip Cop claims they’ve been “strictly professional.” – read more

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