Pixie Lott and Her Girlfriend in a Bikini

I don’t know much about singer Pixie Lott so I’m not sure if this is her lesbian girlfriend or just one of her BFF’s that she’s getting frisky with.  One thing is for sure, it looks like they’re having a good time in the pool and hot tub and I wouldn’t mind watching.  Fun times in Marbella, Spain.  If she’s not a lesbian then maybe she’s bi-sexual because she talks about her encounter with Justin Bieber in Sugar Magazine:

“I did a TV show with Justin Bieber recently. He is a little cutie. I went looking for him before the show to introduce myself and he was in his dressing room. It was full of people and I was like, ‘Hiiiii!’ He was so nice and friendly but, before you ask, no he didn’t flirt with me!”

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